1972 AMC Buyer Protection Plan - Dealer Perspective after 8 months

This film includes a number of AMC Dealers who were tops in their business. Carl DeSalvo bought his dealer in the 1950's when he was a young Nash Salesmen. He was consistently in the top 15 best selling AMC dealers nationwide. Today he is 94 and his dealer DeSalvo Chrysler Jeep is still going strong in Afton, Missouri. DeSalvo for many years was on the Dealership Advisory Board of AMC Dealer Network. John Wentworth Jr. of Wentworth Irwin in Portland, Oregon past away in 1992. He followed in his father's footsteps and took over the AMC dealer when his father past away. He had two Javelin Pro Stock race cars that Drag Raced in the pacific north west of the USA. AMC did buy back his Franchise but he sons are now running three dealers in the Portland Area, Wentworth Chevreolet is one of them. Don Gobin (1934 -2014) was a self made man and his dealer is still active selling used cars in two different locations. Greenfield AMC in Detroit went on for many years selling product. These were the cream of AMC's dealer network and clearly it made sense to use these guys in this film to show other AMC dealers how to turn a prospect into a sale.