1993 Dodge Viper Review: The Most Dangerous Sports Car Ever Sold

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The original first generation Dodge Viper RT10 has one legacy in most of car culture: FEAR. For today's review we drive a car that has been deemed incredibly unforgiving, dangerous, and intense for its era of the early 1990's. The Dodge Viper came out as a car that used parts from everything - even a Dodge Dakota. So what made the Dodge Viper so intense for the masses and non-professionals? The lack of electronics. There is no stability control, no traction control, or anything to save the driver from making mistakes. It's the ultimate test of driver discipline and skill. Don't go fast enough and it's not rewarding, barely go over the limit and you are off the road. So are we able to tame Carroll Shelby's spiritual successor to the Shelby Cobra? Let's talk about it. Thanks for watching!
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