2018-2019 WEC Super Season Final Film

Endurance is pure motorsport and motorsport is my life.
Congratulations to all the World Champions who fought so hard in this unique Super Season!

Script of the film:

It will be easy to remember it…for ever

I drive and I race to win.
Championships, races, I have won many in my career…
But the WEC Super Season will always remain unique
We gave it all
Racing for hours and days
Days and nights
We never gave up
We used to fight against time,
Against the elements of the 4 seasons,
Sometimes all in one day
Blowing wind, burning sun, sudden rain, and surprising snow…
The 4 seasons of Endurance…
When it’s not enough to hold the line…
When too much is not enough
Be fast, be reliable, be smart, be there…
From start to finish…From dusk till dawn…
Be on top of what you do, whatever happens…
And the WEC is also Le Mans
How do you tell about the 24 Hours of Le Mans?
Without doubt, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is to motor racing what Everest is to mountain climbing
Reaching for the top, searching for the ideal path
Looking for your own limits, those of others and from the car
In the end we did it, we reached the top with Toyota, my teammates Seb Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima and together we won the WEC Super Season and Le Mans twice…that will never change
For all these great reasons I will never forget this world championship and it’s for these same great reasons that I love motorsport.
Endurance is pure motorsport and motorsport is my life.