2019 Honda Insight 12,000-Mile Update

We’ve passed more gas pumps in our fuel-sipping 2019 Honda Insight. The savings is courtesy of the 2-motor hybrid system with 1.5-liter I4 working with a CVT. Its 151-horsepower continues to get the job done whether around town… or on the highway. We’ve now put 11-thousand 670-miles on the odometer… so we’re getting the most out of the agility that comes with the low center of gravity.

Our Touring trim is also a comfortable place to spend time…. Although the passengers in the back seat still miss out on air vents and USB ports. But no complaints on fuel economy. Our overall average now stands at 48-point-2-miles per gallon…which isn’t our best… but puts us just over the EPA’s combined rating of 48. With summer in the rearview mirror… we’re looking forward to more fuel efficient driving in the fall.

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