2019 New Renault TWINGO Limited edition "LE COQ SPORTIF" Design

"To celebrate the launch of New TWINGO, Renault is teaming up with the French sports brand to create an exclusive limited series. With its ravishing look and extensive equipment, New Renault TWINGO “le coq sportif” is donning French colors!

Playing on the theme of French colors (blue, white and red), New Renault TWINGO “le coq sportif” features specific design details for a unique look.

Asymmetrical side cabin strips: with French colors on the left side, its tri-color stripes evolve to reveal the le coq sportif logo on the right side. The door mirrors are red.

The white models offer a more radical look with a large tricolor lateral strip on the left side, featuring a wide blue stripe and a narrower red one, separated by the white color that runs along the side of the body and extends to the roof of the car."

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