2020 INFINITI Q50 - Headlights and Exterior Lights

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The headlight switch is located on the multifunction lever to the left of the steering column.

The daytime running lights illuminate with the engine ON and the parking brake released. If the parking brake is applied before the engine is started, the daytime running lights do not illuminate.

To turn ON your front parking lights, side marker lights, tail lights, license plate light and instrument panel lights, turn the headlight switch to THIS position. To turn ON the front headlights, turn the switch to THIS position. All the other lights will stay ON.

The Autolight system allows you to preset the headlights to automatically operate based on exterior lighting conditions. To activate this system, turn the headlight switch to the AUTO position, and push the ignition switch to the ON position. To turn the Autolight system OFF, turn the headlight switch to any other setting.

The Autolight system will also keep the headlights ON for a period of time after you push the ignition switch to the OFF position. To adjust the settings for this feature:
● Press the MENU button on the control panel,

From this screen, touch LIGHT OFF DELAY to adjust the duration that the Autolight system stays on after the ignition is placed in the OFF position. Touch LIGHT SENSITIVITY to adjust the sensitivity of the Autolight system.

There is a light sensor that controls the Autolight system on the top of the instrument panel. Keep this area clear of papers and other material.

To turn ON your high beam headlights, push this lever forward. You’ll see a blue indicator light illuminate. Pull it back toward you to return to the low beam setting. The blue indicator light will turn off. To make your high beam headlights flash ON and OFF, pull the lever toward you and release it.

If so equipped, the high beam assist function automatically switches the headlights from the high beam to the low beam setting when an oncoming or leading vehicle appears in front of your vehicle.

The system is activated at speeds above approximately 22 miles per hour when the headlight switch is in the AUTO position. When activated, the high beam assist indicator light illuminates on the instrument panel.

If the vehicle speed drops below approximately 17 miles per hour, the headlight remains in low beam.

The ambient light sensor used by the high beam assist function is located in front of the inside rearview mirror. To ensure proper function of the system, keep the windshield clean and do not attach stickers or other such materials near the ambient light sensor.

To manually switch between the low beam and high beam setting, the headlight control switch must be moved back to the ON position from the AUTO position.

The Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS), if so equipped, will automatically adjust the low beam headlights toward the turning direction to improve the driver’s view. AFS will also adjust the headlight to a proper axis automatically, depending on the number of occupants in the vehicle, the load the vehicle is carrying, and the road conditions.

When the headlight switch is ON and the driver operates the steering wheel in a turn, the AFS system will be activated.

The AFS will operate:
● when the headlight switch is ON, and
● when the shift lever is in any position other than (P) Park or (R) Reverse.

If the AFS warning appears in the vehicle information display after the ignition switch has been pushed to the ON position, this may indicate that the AFS is not functioning properly. Have the system checked. It is recommended you visit an INFINITI retailer.

Fog lights create a wide beam pattern, focused lower than the headlights. This minimizes reflected light and helps you see better in foggy conditions. To use the fog lights, your headlights must be ON and low beam selected. Rotate the collar to THIS position and your fog lights will come ON. Rotate the collar to the OFF position to deactivate the fog lights. If you turn the high beam headlights ON, the fog lights will automatically turn OFF.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information."