2020 INFINITI Q60 - Interior Lights

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Just above your rearview mirror are these map lights. Push the switch for either light to turn it ON or OFF.

When this switch is pushed in, the map lights stay on until the switch is pushed again to turn them off.

This is the DOOR OFF switch. As long as this switch is not pushed in, the map lights illuminate and remain on for a period of time when any door is opened or when:
● The ignition is switched to OFF,
● Doors are unlocked with the Intelligent Key or one-touch sensor with the ignition switch in the LOCK position, or
● Any door is opened with the ignition switch in the LOCK position.
When the DOOR OFF switch is pushed in, the interior lights operate according to the position of the main switch.

The trunk light illuminates when the trunk is open and turns off when the trunk is closed.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information."