2020 INFINITI Q60 - Setting a Destination (if so equipped)

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To set a destination:
● Press the MENU button, then

Touch HERE to search for an address or Point of Interest by entering it on the touchscreen keyboard. Otherwise, touch an icon to set the destination as:
● Your home address,
● A point of interest,
● Your work address,
● A street address,
● A destination previously set in the system,
● A destination stored in the address book, or
● The center of a selected city.

A second page of options allows you to set the destination using:
● An intersection of two streets,
● The routes saved in the system,
● By browsing the map.
● The location’s phone number,
● SiriusXM Travel Link, or
● The latitude and longitude.

Additional subscriptions may be required for some of these features. Also, for some destination setting methods, you may need to change the state if necessary before proceeding with the search.
Once a destination is set, the system will calculate the route. To cancel a route:
● Press the MENU button, then

To set a destination using voice commands:
● Press the TALK button on the steering wheel,
● Say NAVIGATION, then
● One of the listed available commands, such as STREET ADDRESS. Follow the prompts given by the system to complete the search.
Please see your INFINITI InTouch™ Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information."