2020 INFINITI QX80 - Automatic Drive Positioner

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The automatic drive positioner enables you to store two sets of positions for the driver’s seat, steering column and outside mirrors using these controls on the driver’s side door.

To save a set of positions:
● First, ensure that the shift lever is in the Park position and that the ignition is switch is in the ON position.
● Adjust the driver’s seat, steering column and outside mirrors to the desired positions by manually operating each adjusting switch,
● Push the SET switch and, within five seconds, push memory switch one or two, for at least one second.
● The indicator light for the pushed memory switch will come on and stay lit for approximately five seconds.
● When the indicator light goes off and a chime sounds (sfx), the procedure is complete.

When a new set of positions is saved to memory, the previously stored positions for that switch are deleted.

Stored memory positions can also be linked to an Intelligent Key. First, create a stored memory position. Then, during the final step when the indicator light for the memory switch being set is illuminated for 5 seconds, press the unlock button on the Intelligent Key you wish to link.

For a second driver, repeat this procedure using the other Intelligent Key.

If your vehicle is equipped with the Entry / Exit Function, the driver’s seat will slide backward and the steering wheel will move up when:
● The driver’s door is opened with the ignition switch in the LOCK position, or
● The ignition switch is moved from the ACC to LOCK position with the driver’s door open.

The Setting Memory Function links your air conditioning, navigation and audio system settings to each Intelligent Key.

To use this function, adjust the settings as desired and then lock the doors with the Intelligent Key you wish to link to the settings.

The memorized settings will be available whenever:
● The linked Intelligent Key is carried,
● The doors are unlocked by pushing the driver’s door handle request switch or the UNLOCK button on the Intelligent Key, and
● The ignition switch is placed in the ON position.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information."