2020 INFINITI QX80 - Setting the Clock

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To access clock settings:
● Press the MENU button,
● Touch SETTINGS, then

Touch an option to:
● Toggle the display of the clock on the screen ON or OFF,
● Toggle between:
◦ Having the GPS automatically set and adjust the time,
◦ Setting the clock to a specific time zone, or
◦ Setting the clock manually.
● Toggle between 12 and 24-hour format,
● Adjust the format of the day, month and year,
● Offset the time when in AUTO or TIME ZONE mode,
● Enable or disable the use of Daylight Savings Time when using the Navigation System to set the clock,
● Select from a list of time zones when you wish to override the location used by the Navigation System when displaying the time, or
● Manually set the clock.

Please see your INFINITI InTouch™ Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information."