2020 Karma Revero GT - Interview Todd George, VP, Platform Engineering at Karma Automotive

The Fisker Karma has come a long way. Fisker Automotive is gone, but the tooling for the Karma was bought by the Chinese Wanxiang in 2014 and moved to Moreno Valley in California. The premium plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan has evolved beautifully under the new Karma Automotive company, and now there's a one-off 2-door version of the 2020 Revero GT as re-imagined by the Italian design and engineering house Pininfarina. The Karma GT designed by Pininfarina is both a true Pininfarina and Karma, united through shared commitment to stunning design. Spectators will recognize the 2020 Revero GT’s distinctive proportions within the Karma GT designed by Pininfarina, with the surprise of a reimagined exterior. The collaborative design philosophy is fluid through the vehicle’s emotionally driven lines, with all-new body sides, an aggressive face and contrasting black roof transforming the Revero GT’s character into a truly bespoke vehicle blending Californian innovation with traditional Italian sportscar flair.

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