2020 Nissan GT-R fantastic and very aggressive new sports car

Nissan is not giving up on the GT-R and once again refreshed it for the next season in the management, performance and style segments. The changes have also resulted in an increase in price, so the basic version now costs just over 90,000 euros.
The petrol 3.6-liter V6 engine has received two new turbos, responds slightly faster at lower rpm and is more efficient by 5%. Nissan has announced that gearshifts are changing 0.15 seconds faster than before in the high-performance-focused R Mode.
The reconfiguration of the exhaust manifold provided easier access to the turbine mounts for easy servicing, and finally, a titanium exhaust pipe was added. The electronically controlled suspension is tuned for a more comfortable ride and better cornering stability.
Nissan claims that the steering is more linear and precise than ever before with this model and that minimum adjustment is required at speeds up to 300km / h. The performance of the brakes has been improved by adding a unit that requires less pressure and has a stronger response.
Nissan used this model to reintroduce the shade of blue that was popular with the previous generation R34 (Bayside Blue). Customers are also offered new rims 20 inches in diameter and a new gray interior color. The new GT-R is now available in five different trim levels. The list of accessories includes, among other things, sports seats with carbon frames and carbon-ceramic brakes.