2020 Toyota Fortuner all specs and powertrain

For those unfamiliar with the Fortuner model in question is an SUV version of the Toyota Hilux pickup truck that is offered in certain Asian markets, including Thailand, where he caught the photos.
Although a "rough" basis, new Fortuner has a modern exterior which included Toyota's new design direction, some would say, Lexus, in all its elements.
A brochure that has emerged shows the interior of which comes with a modified board of the Hilux, the changed appearance of the center console. Fortuner will be able to accommodate up to seven passengers in three rows of seats.
Is also expected to offer engines from Toyota Hilux, with 2.8 turbo diesel with 177hp, smaller 2.4 diesel with 160 hp and 400Nm, and the 2.7 petrol engine with 164KS and in some markets probably 278ks 4.0 V6 gasoline.