700HP Single Turbo Nissan 370Z Review! The King of the Z's

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Nissan has made the Nissan 370Z for over ten years now. For me I think it's time to spice things up a bit in one of the most legendary automakers to build a new fun sports car, but in the meantime @fastlanedoug has brought us his 700HP Single turbo Nissan 370z to entertain us and enjoy the enormous amount of BOOST. I've never driven a single turbo Z and I have to day I was more than impressed with it's power band, how intense the noise is, and lack of traction on the side of a mountain road. This is a 100% giggle machine and it knows it. So is it worth doing a single turbo on your 370z? Let's go for a drive and find out! Thanks for watching and new uploads every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday!
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