840 HP Dodge DEMON and 808 HP DEMON - Are they really SLOWER Than AutoVlog's Tuned C63S AMG? Yah..no

http://www.RoadTestTV.com After watching Tunnel Chaser's Demon lose to just about everything it came against on YouTube, we ventured out to the YouTube CallOut held at Cecil County. Our quest was to find out was Tunnel Chaser's DEMON slower than everything on YouTube, including AutoVlog's modded C63 or was it just driver error because the Demon is a handful. Watch the video and see what we learned..

The Granite Demon is all stock and owned by TunnelChaser. It's running on 93 octane, 808 hp tune, stock Nittos and no front skinnies.

The TorRed Demon in the video is also stock It is owned by Chicago Mopar and running on 100 octane fuel, the factory 840 hp tune, Hoosier's and no front skinnies.

The 2018 C63 is owned by AutoVlog and is modded with a tune and downpipes. AutoVlog claimed to have beaten Tunnel Chaser's Demon with his C63 before the install of the tune and downpipes. This video debunks that myth since it shows that AutoVlog's C63 ran a best of 11.7 at 124 whereas Tunnel Chasers Demon ran 10.4 a 131 mph. Clearly, AutoVlog's C63 will not beat a Demon unless the Demon needs a new driver or the Demon driver forgot to step on the gas.

AutoVlog, Chicago Mopar and Tunnel Chaser are great guys. We're not flaming anyone, just showing the truth about the performance of these cars.

Comment about the race below ... we want to know what you think.

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