A Problem Finishes My Focus RS Heritage 1 Year UPDATE!

Errand running in my Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition as it hits 1 year old! The first stop is for the annual service and then it's next to move all the cars around my garage, before an attempt to fit winter tyres on the RS... which doesn't go as planned.

Kicking off from the garage with the Heritage RS beside the AMG G63, the first stop is to take the former for the first annual service. Having now owned the car for over a year, it's done just shy of 4,000 miles in total but will never really be a huge number as being just 1-of-50 it's a special collector piece rather than the daily driver.

After the service, the next stop is over to my car storage to move the various cars there back to their normal positions after some work has bee done recently to the floor surface. That means startups of the Ford GT, McLaren 675LT and Vantage GT8 to move their hibernation spots temporarily. A friend has been keeping his cars present including the Ferrari F355 which unfortunately has a flat battery and something we can sort out at a later time, but also the SLS AMG.

The last stop is to pick up my spare winter wheel and tire combo to head over to Posh Wash to have them fitted, except things don't go to planned... Unfortunately a wheel has a sealing issue and needs to be re-fitted before they can be safely fitted back onto the car the next day.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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