Airport Uber in TheStradman's FERRARI CHALLENGE Racecar!

TheStradman has just bought a Rolls-Royce limo, yet we still choose his Ferrari race car for an airport drop-off! The Silver Spur is perfect for the job, however, something about the silliness of the F430 Challenge was more appealing. Let's have a mini garage tour and then head out in the full blown race car!

Kicking off with a look around Strad's cars in the beautiful state of Utah, he's shuffling them all about for a photoshoot before we head over to catch my flight out. Obviously the least practical car became the car of choice for the run, with my case fitting perfectly into the 'luggage space' of the F430 Challenge race car.

Being a race car, that means a straight pipe exhaust system, full bucket seats and harnesses, plus absolutely nothing by way of sound deadening or comfort features. However, it seems to be just about ok! Next time, I think we should take James' Rolls-Royce though, it would probably be slightly more comfortable.

If you aren't already, be sure to check out TheStradman for lots more:

Thanks for watching, Tim