An IMPORT has NEVER done this! - Jrod's REAL ST Supra

Outlaw Armageddon is the domestic muscle car mecca, where massive displacement and brute power blur the lines between reality and madness at Thunder Valley Raceway in Oklahoma. An event where raw, radical horsepower is the double edged sword that propels you ahead of your opponent or betrays you as it fades away into tire smoke behind you. In an event dominated by displacement and unreasonable amounts of power, our old friend Jrod brought a new element to the event via the “little 6 banger that could”; aka his REAL ST built Toyota Supra. While this wasn’t Jrod’s first time entering his Supra into Outlaw Armageddon, this will be the first time he took something more than just his car home! With the help of the legend himself (Jay from REAL ST), Jrod and Jay were able to pull of what has never been done before by an Import powered Import at Outlaw Armageddon. Jrod’s Toyota Supra is a timeline of success as it is a constant testament of what REAL ST can do, whether it be completing Drag Week, running 7 second passes, or even driving over an hour home from Outlaw Armageddon. Jrod’s Supra is the embodiment of what a REAL street car is capable of, now whether that is gratuitous plugging or clever innuendo is for you to decide. What do you think of Jrod’s Supra?

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