Audi A1 citycarver in pulse orange Driving video

"Audi presented its most progressive compact model: The Audi A1 citycarver with its body raised by a good four centimeters (1.6 in) and its robust look is the powerful big brother of the A1 Sportback. With fresh colors, many customization options and top-of-the-line networking, the A1 citycarver presents itself as the Audi for young urban drivers.

With a length of 4046 millimeters (159.3 in) and a width of 1,756 millimeters (69.1 in), the Audi A1 citycarver has almost the same dimensions as the A1 Sportback. However, it is five centimeters (2.0 in) taller than the Sportback, measuring 1,459 millimeters (57.4 in) in height, which makes it easier to get in and provides an even better overview. Roughly 35 millimeters (1.4 in) of its increase in height are due to the revised suspension, which has a larger jounce travel. The rest is due to the fact that its wheels are larger than those of the A1 Sportback. 16-inch wheels come as standard even with the entry-level engine variant. This gives the A1 citycarver 144 millimeters (5.7 in) of ground clearance between the axles- 41 millimeters (1.6 in) more than the A1 Sportback.

The A1 citycarver also shares the taut exterior design with the broad track and short overhangs with its sister model. The powerful, slightly slanting C-pillar appears to accelerate the car even at a standstill and all the lines on the sides rise in a wedge shape toward the rear. The shoulder line creates strong contours above the wheels and continues at a slightly lower level on the doors, visually drawing down the center of gravity. At the front and the strongly modeled rear, the arrow-shaped layout of the light graphics (with the optional LED headlights) emphasizes the width of the body. Large air inlets and outlets underline the vehicle's sporty character."

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