Audi e-tron GT concept - Performance Platform - J1

Platform J1's purpose will be to underpin the sportiest, highest-performance EVs from Audi. Audi's first effort on this platform will be the E-Tron GT, which was previewed in concept form at last year's LA Auto Show. The E-Tron GT will be a bit more sedate, putting out just 590 hp from the electric motors mounted on each axle. It also picks up a few unique tricks, like all-wheel steering, as well as an 800-volt architecture that can result in some seriously fast charging times (think 200 miles in 20 minutes). The E-Tron GT probably won't be the only Audi on the J1 platform. The automaker mentioned that J1 can offer several tiers of performance, which means we could very well see an electric successor to the R8 supercar on this platform, although the automaker hasn't confirmed anything to that end just yet.

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