Austin Healey Racing to Its End

The showroom Healeys’ were becoming soft around the edges, but there was still that last resort of the genuine sports car enthusiast club racing.

Throughout the 50’s and early 60’s, the cape factory at Warwick prepared racing versions of the Healey cars. Many private owners also found that the Healey’s accepted performance modification as well. They were extremely competitive against Triumphs, MGs, Jaguars and a range of European roadsters.

In 1968, BMC became British Leyland under leadership of Sir Donald Stokes. It now incorporated the Triumph Company.

Committees always select the wrong vehicles to continue, and, they never are very successful deciding what the public wants, It was decided that, Austin Healey was unnecessary. It was an unnecessary expense,

Leyland Development concentrated on the TR6 and the TR7. Royalties ceased to be paid to outside companies like Healey and Cooper, and the British Leyland Austin Healey ceased to exist. This is the last big Healey, the 3000 Mark 3.

Now almost thirty years old, it’s a car of another era, but almost forty-two thousand big Healeys’ were built, and many are still on the road, and a dedicated band of enthusiasts in England, America and other countries around the world, are committed to keeping them alive for many years to come.

AU Austin Healey