BMW i Vision Dynamics - Could Kill Tesla ???

BMW has just unveiled its anticipated new electric vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show but unlike rumors suggested, it isn’t the i5. Instead, it is a concept dubbed the i Vision Dynamics and is positioned as a Gran Coupe to slot between the i3 and i8.

The German company has confirmed that the i Vision Dynamics will reach the production line but hasn’t said exactly when it will arrive. Nevertheless, the design of the i Vision Dynamics is significantly sleeker than patented images of the so-called i5 have indicated.

The automaker hasn’t released detailed technical specifications about the i Vision Dynamics but says it will be able to accelerate from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in under four seconds, achieve a top speed exceeding 124 mph (200 km/h) and have a range of approximately 373 miles (600 km).

Like the X7 iPerformance Concept, the i Vision Dynamics has an enlarged kidney grille but given the fact that it’s all-electric, the faux front grille is simply a styling element and serves no function in cooling the powertrain.

Elsewhere on a styling front, the i Vision Dynamics adopts a set of slim LED headlights and a front bumper void of any obvious cooling ducts for the front brakes. Like most recent concepts, traditional wing mirrors have been replaced by a set of small rear-facing cameras while aerodynamic wheels have also been installed to maximize range.

From the rear, the car adopts a set of bright and thin LED taillights and a relatively benign and simple bumper design.

Speaking about the car and its place within the BMW family, member of the board of management at BMW AG, Development, Klaus Fröhlich said “Here, visionary solutions and future-ready concepts become reality for the first time. But BMW i also acts as a spearhead of innovation for our other brands. The BMW i Vision Dynamics allows us to show right now what another electric BMW might look like. And BMW has demonstrated its talent for turning visions into real life throughout its history.”