BMW Motorrad International GS TROPHY OCEANIA 2020 Day 2

"Rotorua, New Zealand. Here in Rotorua, among the natural thermal springs, the teams have all arrived, the bikes are waiting, tents have been pitched, riding kit unpacked and everyone is ready for the start of the seventh BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy. With the exception of the Australian team, arriving here has been a matter of long haul flights for all participants so there’s been the matter of coming to terms with jet lag. As well there’s the sorting of event registration, taking possession of the BMW F 850 GS motorcycles (and making personal adjustments) then, to embrace New Zealand life, being treated to an introduction to the culture of the indigenous Maori people, including the traditional challenge to newcomers – the world famous haka.

This year there are 22 teams from 25 nations competing, including four new teams, and as in Mongolia (2018) including two International Female Teams, all of whom are extremely keen to join the Int. GS Trophy brother- and sister-hood. The teams from the Netherlands, Malaysia, North Africa and the Middle East are all first-time entrants and their finalists are naturally very excited by what lies ahead. "

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