Bronco Reveal Coming in March and Other News! Weekly Update

News Topics:
0:39 2021 Ford Bronco to be revealed in March
2:21 Toyota has “an answer” to GR Yaris for America
4:36 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition and Sport Line
7:05 Audi talks about future R8
8:57 Koenigsegg future model rumors
10:24 Maserati announced MC20 coming in May
11:06 Volkswagen teases 2021 GTI front end
11:29 Genesis considering G70 Wagon
12:26 Kia talks about future car with Rimac
14:26 Hyundai Prophecy prototype teased
15:06 2021 Kia Sorento
15:50 Cadillac revealing EV crossover in April and possible spy shots in Chicago
17:54 GM discontinues Holden
19:04 Tesla improves range for Model S and X
20:07 Lexus rolling out Highway Teammate driver assistance tech this year

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