Where do you take a Bugatti Chiron? To the Burger King Drive-Thru of course! I'm in Miami with Savage Garage to head out in the Chiron, when Randy decides a quick stop for a cheeseburger is a must.

Heading over to Detail Boutique to catch up with Randy, we can check out his new 2005 Ford GT and the wrap that's been done, although the car is currently having a fuel pump replaced. In the meantime though, the Bugatti Chiron from Wheels Boutique is calling out Randy's name so we hop on board for a run around the block to experience some of that immense power. A huge thanks to them for the opportunity to briefly experience the stunning power of one of the greatest hypercars out there.

However, along the way, hunger takes over and the sighting of a Burger King dictates our next stop - heading to the drive-thru with the Bugatti. All in good humour and spirits, we pull up to take the car through the drive-thru road and place an order for two cheeseburgers, before enjoying dinner on the picnic table rear wing.

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Thanks for watching, Tim

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