Buying an SLS AMG Black Series for My Collection?!

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series is one of my absolute favourite dream cars, but is it now time to add one to the garage?! With aggressive looks, a stupendous driving experience, and iconic gullwing doors, the SLS Black Series is a car I'd very much like to add to my collection!

With a quick split from my tour in the USA, I'm in Stuttgart, Germany to film with Mercedes and YouTube for more videos you will see soon. That means starting out at Mercedes Museum and picking up the SLS AMG Black Series to drive with including venturing over to its original home in Affalterbach.

The Black Series cars have always been the rarest, most focused and hardcore models from Mercedes, and in this case based on the gullwing SLS from AMG - their first full in house model and the predecessor to the AMG GT. There is no doubt that my obsession with the GT R, with my now arriving GT R Pro and future GT R Roadster, that I'd love the opportunity to purchase a "GT R Black Series" when it comes, but how good would that be alongside the SLS BS too?!

Historically the cars that find their way into my garage tend to be new cars that I ordered originally and made the spec for myself, however with this now being 5-6 years of course that isn't possible. So should the SLS Black Series be the first exception to the rule and a car that I go for?!

Thanks for watching, Tim