Cadillac Attack 2020

Cadillac Attack 2020 / Orlando Speed World Dragway is in the books. We would like to thank Cal and Holly Hartline and all the folks who host this annual event. We had a great time supporting our clients doing what they love. Highlights from the VR Camp include

Michael Kelly debuting his newly built 427 LSX Twin Turbo CTSV. The car was literally completed on Monday, on the dyno Tuesday and loaded in the trailer Wednesday morning. Michael ran consistent [email protected]+mph @over 3950lbs all weekend and made it to the finals of the “All Out” Class. Michael also had the fastest car on the property at the event. Huge congrats for driving the wheels off your V this weekend sir!!

Gina McKinley/CTSV Chic also brought out a fresh build for the event. Regina had ran previous best of [email protected] with her old combination, but that was before @Mast Motorsports @Kong Performance @DSX Tuning @Fuel Injector Connection stepped up to ensure that 10s were a thing of the past for Regina and this weekend she crushed it running a new personal best of [email protected]!!! There is more left in this combo with a bit more seat time and better track conditions. Stay tuned for 9.40s coming up soon.

Derek Downing raced in almost every class the event had. He probably put 50 passes on his VR built CTSV this weekend running a best of [email protected] Derek took 2nd Place in the 17” Class and 3rd Place in the Super Street Class.

Trisha Tucci is another one of our lady racers and she represented Vengeance well as usual this weekend running 10.60s in her beautiful CTSV Sedan. Trisha competed in the 17” class and the 19” class.

Gary Coyne brought his 5th Gen ZL1 Camaro down for the weekend and made several 8 second passes competing in the All Out Class before breaking something in his drivetrain.

Taylor Bell joined us as well with his CTSV Sedan. Taylor does some grudge racing so we cant really post his times, but can tell you he was well into the single digits.

Mark Benz allowed our owner Ron Mowen to pilot his beautiful Gen III CTSV down the track to collect some data before shipping this car across country. This 4400lb Procharger powered CTSV ran mid 9s @ over 154mph spinning off the line. The mph says we have 8s in this combo all day if we could just get it to hook up.

Jason Leiva brought down his @Magnuson 2650 equipped VR built 6th Gen ZL1, but found traction off the line to be a problem with his 1120RWHP/1009RWTQ…. Jason managed to run [email protected] before breaking a half shaft putting him out of the competition for the weekend.

Thank you to all of our VR Racers!! We are already looking forward to next year.

Address: 241 Castleberry Industrial Dr, Cumming, GA 30040
Phone:(678) 513-7105
Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm




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