Check Out the New CZINGER 21C American Hypercar! | FIRST LOOK

Let's take a first look at the brand new Czinger 21C! This is a 1,250hp, 1,153kg hybrid hypercar with a 2.88l TT V8 and two electric motors, made with revolutionary materials and manufacturing techniques in Los Angeles, California. It boasts an in-line tandem seating configuration for the ultimate drive experience and there will only be 80 made in total!

The Czinger 21C is the hypercar for the 21st Century, hence taking a totally new approach including the use of 3D printed chassis components and a seating configuration with the driver in front of the passenger seat behind. It is a homologated road car that can perform the 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint in just 1.9 seconds and continue on to a top speed of 268mph or 432km/h.

At a special studio visit, join me for a first look at the new car in detail, including taking a seat onboard to run through the dashboard and displays and what it feels like to be sat in the centre. The car will officially launch at the Geneva motorshow in full, but a thanks to Czinger for the opportunity to take a look in advance and share it with you.

Thanks for watching, Tim