Child’s Play: Safety Features in the Mercedes-Benz ESF | Part 3

Julien Richert is a safety engineer for Mercedes-Benz and the project lead for the ESF 2019. Together with Tyra, he takes a look at the finished safety concept. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

Tyra learns that lights and colours play a big role in making the car communicate with its surroundings, creating what we call informed trust with other drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.

While the turquoise colour represents an activated automated driving mode, signal lights and illuminated panels can also use orange to alert and warn – intuitive and easy to understand. Tyra agrees. The curious 11-year-old explores the ESF and its many features on the exterior and interior and also gets to meet the built-in warning triangle robot.

Packed with surprising technology, the ESF 2019 aims at demonstrating creativity and efficiency in terms of reducing accidents. Its features could soon impact an entire fleet of new Mercedes-Benz models in actual traffic environments.

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