CRAZY Reactions to the CRAZIEST Corvette in Hollywood!

How do people react to the craziest possible Corvette in LA? Let's meet up with Tamir Russo and his ludicrous chameleon chrome, widebody Vette and head to Hollywood Boulevard to find out!

The car is nicknamed the 'Goblin' and comes with a huge host of modifications. Based on the C7 Corvette it's fitted with a widebody, lowered, has an aggressive aero kit with front splitter and wing, a stupidly loud exhaust and then finished in the crazy reflective iridescent design.

Naturally, a car that loud (both in sound and visually) attracts quite some attention and that can be seen clearly as we cruise past the tourist hot spots, bringing out plenty of smiles. Appealing to people of all ages, male and female, it's great to see the positivity and enjoyment that the car brings out to the crowds.

It was awesome fun with Tamir, check out his page to see more of the Corvette and the matching Little Goblin bike:

Thanks for watching, Tim