Crazy Reactions to the REAL BATMOBILE in Las Vegas!

How do people react when they see a Batmobile in Las Vegas? Let's check out Kapow Racing's collection and then head to the famous Strip to find out! What a crazy experience to cruise through Sin City in such a famous car, would you recognise it instantly?

After a quick break from the USA tour to head over to Germany, it's straight back to Kapow Racing who kindly looked after my Ford GT while I was gone and had it cleaned and tidied up. Sitting inside the Batcave, it's in great company with the original 1966 TV Series Batmobile as well as some very rare cars including both the new and previous Gulf Heritage Ford GTs.

The Batmobile is based on a 1966 Lincoln Continental with new bodywork, and many crazy features including a 30ft (10 metre) flamethrower out the back! Inside you've got everything you would expect from one of the original 8 cars that were used for filming with Adam West in the TV show.

Massive thanks to Dave @kapowracing for hosting my car, the look around the collection and taking me out in the Batmobile! Please do follow for updates during the Gumball 3000 and more right here:

Thanks for watching, Tim