Directing My First Ever Car Product Commercial! (In a MASSIVE Atlanta Film Studio!)

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Filmmaking is what I was always meant to do in my eyes. Back when I was an aspiring filmmaker in high school I went to college and graduated with a degree in Cinema Television - but ended up chasing my even larger passion of filming car content and becoming a Youtuber instead of going the more traditional Hollywood route. However most of my friends and colleges in school found their footing in Atlanta,GA where the industry is taking off. Atlanta is now home to MASSIVE film studios filming blockbusters. Everything from the Marvel Cinematic universe to Netflix shows. So when an old buddy from film school pitched out the idea of me directing my own commercial for my Patterson Car Care detail brand I KNEW it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. So what was it like working with incredible equipment and a fantastic team on set? Let's take an in depth look of the inner workings of filming products. Thanks so much for watching and new uploads ever Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays!
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