Does The HBX Also Have The Harrier-DNA? | Can It Rival The Upcoming XL5? |

The HBX uses the the ALFA-ARC platform, just like the Altroz.
Tata will position it as a premium alternative in the budget segment.
It will offer features like a push-button start, keyless entry, a fully automatic climate control.
There are talks of the HBX also going electric in the future.
It will rival the likes of KUV100 NXT and the upcoming Maruti XL5.

First shown as a concept at Auto Expo 2018, the HBX has steadily moved towards becoming production ready. While it has not reached the end of the line, Tata has shown a near-production version of it at Auto Expo 2020. What’s more, as the ALFA-ARC platform supports electrification, we could see an electric HBX in the future.

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