Drifting With a Famous Car Model:Lady Driven Drifting

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Out of all the professions in the automotive world,being a model for magazines, photoshoots, and many more outlets is one profession that is not always taken seriously. However Bear Dellinger is a true enthusiast and the real deal. She models, works with huge automotive brands such as Garrett, hosts the Tuner Evo events around the country, and best of all..she has been learning how to drift! Bear has an absolutely beautiful S14 Kouki 240sx, but her practice drift car is an S13 240sx Coupe with an RB25 swap helped out by a Garrett GTX Gen 2. The car is going to get painted soon, but before that day comes Bear is going all out with her drifitng seat time. Huge thanks to Bear for the hospitality and the rides! Thanks for watching!