Duesenberg - Great Cars

From the PBS series Great Cars. The ultimate, the top, the crème de la crème -- the builders of the Duesenberg defied the odds and entered the Depression era with the most costly, powerful and daring auto ever built. If you were a king, a maharajah, a movie star, a gangster, or simply very rich -- you had to have a Duesy.

It was hands-down, simply the best and fastest car on the road. It even inspired a term, "it's a Duesy (Doozie)." It was gone by the end of the decade, but what a ride! Fewer than 500 of the classic Model J's were built between 1928 and the company's collapse in 1938. But over 400 of these desirable autos remain in the collections of lucky owners who still will say, "it's a Duesy."