Exploring South India in the all-new Toyota Glanza | Part 2 | OVERDRIVE

The morning alarm went off and I could barely open my eyes. I wish I could sleep a bit more but then the golden rays coming from the window didn't want me to. What were they trying to convey? Happiness, as the weekend is here. A typical weekend is about lazying around in the house and not following the usual routine that is followed on the weekdays. But this time around, I decided to make a small change in this plan. I called the kind people at Toyota and got myself their brand new offering, the Glanza.

Read - http://overdrive.in/news-cars-auto/features/exploring-south-india-in-the-all-new-toyota-glanza/http://overdrive.in/news-cars-auto/features/exploring-south-india-in-the-all-new-toyota-glanza/

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