FCA at CES 2020

"FCA is using CES 2020 in Las Vegas to demonstrate the company's newest technologies related to electrification, Uconnect user experience (UX) and connectivity in a visual and physical array, honoring and building on the company's history and tradition of innovation.

Ever since the first car radio appeared nearly 100 years ago, automotive innovators have worked to contribute more technology to the space. FCA customers love and are loyal to the company's brands partially due to heritage, and since CES is focused on electronics, it challenged FCA to mix the two pieces in a display of tradition and technology that addresses the growing expectations of car buyers.

Electric vehicles, connectivity and autonomous vehicles are among the hot topics in the auto industry. FCA's visually and physically stimulating approach at CES showcases the company's efforts in an ever-changing wave of technology while respecting the company's history."

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