Ford Endeavour 2.0L Diesel Review | First Drive In हिंदी |

2020 Ford Endeavour is available in three variants
2020 Endeavour now only comes with a 2.0L diesel engine
Endeavour gets a new 10-speed automatic transmission
Endeavour price has come down as compared to the older 3.2L variants

Three thousand two hundred cubic centimeters. Engines don't get bigger than that anymore. And this made owning the Ford Endeavour even more special. But in an era where Formula 1 cars run on engines that displace just 1600cc, the mighty Endy has had to downsize to a humble 2000cc to please environmental activists. There’s just a sole transmission on offer now - a 10-speed automatic for both 4x2 and 4x4 variants. And because of this downsizing, the price of this flagship variant that we have here has gone down by Rs 1.45 lakh. Does this mean you are losing out on the Endeavour experience, or are numbers just ink on a piece of paper?

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