Ford Probe GT Review! The Worst Mustang Ever Made

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Out of all the weird things Ford motor company has done throughout its history, this is by far one of the strangest. After the foxbody Mustang had been out for over a decade and run its course, Ford noticed the world starting to sway over to smaller more compact vehicles with better gas milage and front wheel drive. With Ford owning the majority of Mazda at the time they decided "hey let's just use Mazda to build our new Mustang of the future." The result was this - the Ford Probe GT. Originally called the Mustang and based on the Mazda MX6. For the most part all but the interior was Mazda and not Ford. So what's the in depth story about this thing and why was it cancelled as the Mustang? Let's talk about it. Thanks for watching and new uploads every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday!
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