Ford Ranger Raptor | Ford UK

Bred for off-road performance and engineered from the ground up, to dominate every time.

Everything has been pushed further. Every feature works harder. ThatÔÇÖs how the Ranger Raptor takes its throne. ThatÔÇÖs how this new-breed pick-up dominates wherever it goes.

Its 213 PS, 500Nm Bi-Turbo EcoBlue diesel engine is efficient and brilliantly powerful. The unique high-strength, low-alloy steel chassis has been forged to meet the demands of the most extreme off-road environments, bolstered by Fox Pro performance suspension. Plus, with seamless 10-Speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, and an Advanced Terrain Management System, control is always in your hands.

Go where others canÔÇÖt with a ground clearance of 281 mm, combined with the ability to wade through 850 mm of water. And enjoy a huge host of advanced off-road tech, designed to help you take on any terrain with ease.

The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system lets you switch ÔÇśon the flyÔÇÖ between 4x2, 4x4 high and 4x4 low. So, when youÔÇÖre cruising comfortably on dry roads, you can drive more efficiently in the 4x2 mode. But as soon as you want to go off-road, or road conditions deteriorate, you can switch effortlessly to 4WD for more grip and greater control, or even switch to Baja mode for the ultimate off-road experience.

The Electronic Locking Rear Differential sends equal power to both the rear wheels, to help maximise traction in tricky terrain, like deep mud or snow. And Hill Descent Control is designed to maintain a constant speed on steep off-road descents, in forward or reverse, without you even having to touch the pedals. Add to that the Advanced Roll Stability Control and Electronic Stability Control, and Ranger Raptor keeps you sure-footed wherever you venture.

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