From Lamborghini Miami to Supercar Rooms World's BEST Supercar Event BullFest 2016

Hey guys in this video i put together best video shoots from first day of BullFest 2016 Best Lamborghini Event Ever

Thank you to Brett David and everyone at Lamborghini Miami, BullFest Founder Hovick of Driving Force Club From New York. Miami Supercar Rooms.

Special thanks to Tony Owner of Yellow staining Lamborghini Aventador, it was awesome ride and lots of adrenaline and fun. Thank You!!!

And Thank You to Elo's Miami Supercar Rooms

Miami Supercar Rooms
Spend some time with the most desirable cars in the world waiting to be discovered in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.
Step into the nation’s first Road Art Gallery and Gourmet Dining Experience and immerse yourself in the rich history of our collection.