Funny Reactions to My Ford GT in Los Angeles!

How do people react to a Ford GT in Los Angeles? Let's head to Beverly Hills and Hollywood to find out! Not only did we happen upon many incredible cars but the response was overwhelmingly positive as we made our way around town. Come along for an afternoon of supercars and fun reactions!

Having flown my Ford GT over from the UK to the USA and traveled around the country including seeing some of the reactions in Miami, it's only right to see if the West Coast responds in the same way. Heading immediately to Rodeo Drive to kick things off it doesn't take long to meet some of you guys, as well as see plenty of awesome cars on the roads.

From there it's then over to the tourist centre of Hollywood where as hoped, the most amazing thing is to experience the sheer positivity that is brought about by a car like this with smiles, thumbs up, applause, and plenty of photos.

The USA tour has been so incredibly busy but it's still not quite over yet and I'm going to miss it so much when it becomes time to go back home. Being able to visit so many extraordinary places with the Ford GT has just been truly memorable.

Thanks for watching, Tim