Harley-Davidson at EICMA 2019 - Interview Paul James

"Harley-Davidson continues to make announcements that indicate their willingness to move past the traditional market boundaries of the 116-year-old company in search of new riders.

At the all-important EICMA motorsports show in Milan this past week, The Motor Company officially revealed two widely rumored and expected new motorcycles that operate far outside the usual cruiser segment H-D is most associated with. The new bikes follow on the heels of the beginning of series production of the $30,000 LiveWire electric motorcycle, introduced earlier this year. They also come at a time of slipping sales and stock performance for Harley, although there was finally some good news in the most recent quarter as international sales gave the company a boost. Will these two new bikes, aimed at markets and audiences not typically associated with Harley-Davidson, catch on and bring those highly coveted new riders into the fold? It looks like 2020 will be a key year in Harley-Davidson’s long and colorful history."

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