Here's Why The 2020 Nissan Versa SR Is Now A Baby Altima

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When you think of an affordable brand new car with tons of room and a straight forward mission, the #NissanVersa has comfortably fit that bill for the last 12 years. As the US market continues to shift to crossovers however, #Versa sales have been cut in half and while the #Nissan Versa is still one of the best-selling sub-compact cars in America, this all-new #2020Versa looks to move WAY more upmarket versus the previous generation. The frumpy looks of the old model are gone, replaced with a sleek body that resembles the Altima in so many ways. Buyers who insist on a small sedan will find plenty to like with this new model, just remember that all this new technology comes at a cost and the Versa is no longer the least expensive new car you can buy anymore.