Hyundai at CES 2020 | Hub, a perfectly new mobility space

The third mobility solution presented by Hyundai is the Hub, an innovative new community space that connects air-based UAM and ground-based PBV.

The Hub has a skyport for the PAV on the top and docking stations on the ground for the PBV to approach and depart from multiple directions.

The Hub can be transformed into an infinite number of new spaces depending on how PBVs are connected.

For instance, the Hub can be turned into a cultural complex by bringing together PBVs functioning as concert halls, movie theaters, and museums.

It can also be transformed into a medical complex by connecting medical service PBVs in the form of clinics, doctor’s offices and pharmacies.

Hyundai plans to make smart mobility more accessible by placing Hubs throughout future cities and build a new mobility ecosystem around the UAM-PBV-Hub network.

The company will overcome mobility limitations of time and space and create new spaces where people can gather and interact to help build and vitalize human-centered future cities.

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