Hyundai Venue vs Renault Duster | Petrol-automatic City Challenge | In हिन्दी |

Hyundai Venue vs Renault Duster
Venue SX+ DCT vs Duster RxS(0) CVT
Hyundai Venue automatic is priced at Rs 11.1 Lakh
Renault Duster CVT is priced at Rs 10 Lakh

In 2012, when the Renault Duster started the compact SUV segment in India, there weren't many options to pick from. But today, you have options ranging to multiple segments. Take for example the Hyundai Venue. It's a lakh more expensive than the Duster but packs a hefty punch of features. So is a smaller, more feature-loaded SUV better suited for the city than a bigger SUV with less features. We decided to pitch these petrol automatic SUVs against each other to find out which gives you more car for your money.

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