I Slept Overnight Inside the SEMA Auto Show! (And Didn't Get Caught)

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SEMA is undoubtedly the largest car show in the world. Every year is something different, but this year I decided to mix things up. This time around I decided to sleep overnight in the Las Vegas convention center in the midnight hours of SEMA 2019. I got to have a peaceful and in depth look at Paul Walker's Ford Escort from Fast and Furious, B is For Build's LSX swapped Lamborghini Huracan, TJ Hunt's Street hunter kit Supra, a stolen Challenger Hellcat, and so many more project that made it to the event. Nothing is as wonderful but eerie as walking around a car show which have over 30,000 attendees a day all by yourself. So how in the world did I get this all access and opportunity! Let me show you around SEMA 2019!