It's finally happening, a Shelby GT500 is joining my garage! The ultimate American muscle car will arriving next year to join my Ford line-up with the GT, Heritage Focus RS and my Red Edition project. Where better than to check it out and think about what spec to choose than during the first drive launch in Las Vegas!

By perfect coincidence, the timing of the event fits spot on with my Ford GT tour and what an opportunity to bring the GT to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to sit alongside more than 40 of the new Shelby GT500. The gnarliest of Mustangs yet and the most powerful Ford ever launched earlier this year but this is really the first time to get up close and find out all about it.

Boasting 760bhp from the 5.2l supercharged V8, the new GT500 comes just over 50 years after the original 1967 car. Plenty of driving impressions will follow including runs at the drag strip, on track and out on the roads, but for now we've got plenty to whet the appetite with a breakdown of components and lots of noise to enjoy!

The Shmeemobile GT500 will be delivered in the USA, used around the country for a while and hopefully if possible eventually imported to the UK to sit in my permanent collection; flanking the Ford GT along with the Heritage Edition Focus RS. The fact that these are all Ford products; a supercar, hot hatch and muscle car, adds to the special trio feeling. Before that, there will be plenty to enjoy in America during 2020!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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