Is The 2019 ES F-Sport The Best Looking Lexus Sedan?

Ever since the spindle grille was introduced about 5 years ago, Lexus has been dealing with quite a controversial backlash regarding their overdone new exterior styling. Most called it an overreaction to criticism regarding the bland characteristics of previous models. Over the years, we've seen Lexus evolve the "spindle" grille into something that looks more well incorporated instead of "tacked" on at the last minute and the 2019 Lexus ES350 may very well be a huge step forward in design direction at Lexus. Taking the aggressive and sleek lines from the very successful new Lexus LC and LS flagships, the new Lexus ES F-Sport applies what they've learned to their best-selling sedan. This new version has a level of sleekness that was never quite present on the old model. Please check back on June 7th at 7am EST for our full review on the 7th generation 2019 Lexus ES F-Sport.