Is The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Any Good With ONLY 4-Cylinders Under The Hood?

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The all-new #JeepWrangler has been such a HUGE hit for #Jeep since it came out in in late 2017. The new #JLWrangler offers everything that you've come to expect from a #Wrangler without all the compromises of the old model. For 2019, Jeep is finally expanding the powertrains under the hood with a new 2.0L #turbocharged 4-cylinder paired with a mild hybrid system dubbed #eTorque. This upgraded engine offers slightly less HP than the V6 but WAY more torque and even better fuel efficiency. It should make the 2019 Wrangler even more appealing if you want one of the only convertible off-roaders on the market.